Therapy - what to expect

Please email me and I will get back to you within a day or two.

I will suggest that we have a brief conversation on the phone. This

conversation is a chance for us to ‘meet’ and see if your needs and my

availability and skills match up.

If they do, we can agree a suitable time and date to meet for an initial

assessment session. Our first meeting in person is a chance to explore

possibilities for working together. I may suggest that we meet a couple

of times before we agree to go ahead with the therapy.


Sessions are 50mins. We will meet on the same day and the same time on a weekly basis.

You are encouraged to talk about whatever is on your mind - thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams, even if they seem to be irrelevant to why you have chosen to come to therapy. Together we will reflect on what comes up for you. This is a private experience where you can talk openly. There is no 'homework', and no specific tasks are given between sessions.

Fees & confidentiality

We will discuss the fee for sessions in our initial meetings however you can expect that fees start from a minimum of £80 per session.

I hold a small number of reduced fee places. There may be a waiting list for these sessions.

All correspondence, emails and sessions are confidential.

Continued professional development

I meet the ethical requirements of my professional membership organisations (UK Council for Psychotherapy - UKCP, and British Psychoanalytic Council- BPC).

I also attend a number of different courses and workshops for ongoing continuing professional development each year.

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